The atelier

Keepers of exceptional expertise, Laura Blagogee’s atelier passionately commit themselves each season to the service of a high-end line.

From simple silhouettes to intricate details our savoir faire is to honour our love for craftsmanship and work well done.

From the first sketches to the last fitting is the couturier involve. Every designs went through her hands.

The couturier is responsible for the all development process of the collection.

The sketches

Once the styles of the new collection are drawn and selected, the sketches are presented by couturier to the sample makers,together they will bring them to life. After quickly explaining the shape and the inspirations, the decoding work begins.

The toile

The couturier work by draping directly on a mannequin bust. A rough outline of the final garment, the toile is the construction of a sketch in a plain fabric that will then be scrutinised and fine-tuned during the fittings.

The fittings

Toile fittings take place at the studio in the presence of the couturier. Worn by a model, they are examined down to the smallest details, in order to adjust the shape and fall. Whether to lower a seam, take in an armhole, or let a garment out, the toiles are then meticulously reworked until they are perfect.

The patterns

The patterns are all developed by the couturier. They are the blue print of every designs. They are all drawn and cut by hand for a perfect shape and fit of the garments. After the fittings they are corrected and perfected.

Laura Blagogee couture designer jurk
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The fabrics

From France and Italy, these exceptional materials are ordered in advance by the studio from the most renowned manufacturers. For each design in the collection, there are one or several fabrics from which the pattern will be cut.

The cut

All the pattern’s pieces are meticulously placed on top of the fabric on the cutting table. This step requires great dexterity, as the cutter must be able to anticipate how the materials will react to cutting. In the case of prints, the cutter must ensure that the pieces join up evenly.

Laura blagogee atelier

The assembly

The last step before the final fitting, the assembly of a design requires extremely precise skill.

One design can take as much as 200 hours of work depending on the handwork and complexity of the pattern and fabric.

The brand is very attached to the exclusivity and quality of each design that comes out of the atelier. We believe in slow fashion and sustainability.