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Laura Blagogee couture designer jurk

Laura Blagogee

A well of knowledge and perfectionism in the fashion world, Laura Blagogee is a distinguished designer and stylist renowned for her efflorescent femininity. Having immersed herself in fashion and design for nearly a decade, Laura has been heralded as one of the most influential forces working in fashion today.

Raised in Saint-Tropez, South of France, Laura was exposed at a very young age to the worlds of contemporary art and fashion by her parents. With her father’s influence as a jewellery and accessories designer and access to countless designer treasures, she developed a very strong passion for fashion and all things glamorous.

After completing her studies in South of France, she started her career as a coupeuse for different French and Dutch well known designers and fashion houses. Meanwhile, her dresses are worn by famous Dutch and French pop stars and actresses.

Laura sees each person as an unique human being. Her way of working exudes this. Every costumers receives an appropriate personal care based on her wishes. Therefore each design is unique.

Laura’s designs especially highlight the natural shapes of the female body. She has a good feeling for precision; everything is developed until it is perfect. Every design breaths floral femininity as she is inspired by mother nature.

Laura Blagogee couture designer jurk
Laura Blagogee couture designer jurk