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Tips on how to choose the right lace for your wedding dress

Choosing the right lace for your wedding dress is an important part of the design process. Lace can add texture and dimension to your dress, making it truly unique.

With so many different types of laces available, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect lace for your wedding dress.

lace wedding dress fitting

Look at factors such as color, pattern, and texture when selecting a lace that will complement your gown’s design. Also, make sure to check the quality of the fabric and look for any imperfections that could affect its overall appearance. Finally, think about how you want to use the lace in your dress – whether it be as a border or an all-over pattern – to ensure that it fits perfectly with your desired look.


Consider colors when choosing a lace for your wedding dress. A lace with a color that complements your dress will not only match the overall design better, but it will also give it more depth and dimension. Lace colors can range from mostly neutral (such as white, off-white, and ivory) to bold neutrals like black or navy blue to vibrant colors such as green or purple.

colored laces

Choose the tone of your wedding dress – especially if you want to make it look more romantic – before choosing a color for the lace so that the two work in harmony. Consider pattern when selecting a lace for your dress. Some patterns look great when they are combined with lace, while others don’t. Before selecting a lace pattern and color for your dress, take into account the material it is made of. This will help you decide which design and color would work best with the fabric.

And of course our designer will help you navigate the lace mace to create your dream dress.

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